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SadrDesign as the sales distributor and representative of European products in Iran and its neighboring countries has always tried to provide its valuable clients with the large variety of best quality European brands. The importance of our clients’ satisfaction has caused us to always seek for products with high quality and rank it as our first priority is SadrDesign. SadrDesignh Group builds long-term partnerships with our clients in order to realize their strategic objectives through the power of design. The importance of our clients’ objectives has made us to come up with the idea of actively engage them in the process and using design exploration and innovation to reflect their desires, culture and identity in the designed environment. SadrDesignh Group endeavors to continually innovate and provide to our clients some of the most unique designs and product in the industry. We are proud to be continually recognized for thoughtful, innovative and unique design throughout Iran. Our customers’ constant satisfaction with our design and the choice of high quality European products in our successful projects is a seal of approval to SadrDesignh Group ability, merit, excellence and knowledge.



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