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SadrDesign Group is the main supplier of the luxurious constructional materials in Iran and the neighboring countries. We have been active in this field for more than 13 years with the goal of helping developers in designing and planning the architecture of the buildings and structures, manage the construction by supplying all materials of construction from sand and tiles to kitchen fittings. Every product or service gives customers some benefit, for which they are willing to pay up to some maximum price, we have always concentrated on those benefits to get the maximum customer satisfaction; those all have lead us to provided our valuable customers with high quality products among the well-known brands. Owing to the increase of the demand of the real estate in all sectors there has been a very rapid growth in the number of builders and developers in the country but the need for more organization is felt by all the realtors in all segments. The rapid increase in the demanding market of the variety of constructional materials and the importance of their variety and quality have shifted SadrDesign Group focus on the four following fields:

◘  SadrDesign Design as one of the SadrHolding Subsidiary Companies

◘  SadrDesign Wall-Paper 

◘  Vox Pannel (we work as its only sole representative in Iran)

◘  Ultra Floor Parquet and Laminate (we work as its only sole representative in Iran)


Wall Paper 






SadrDesign Design


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