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Sadrstone :

Decorative Stones​

Our Decorative Stone Manufacturing line Was Established in 2003[Persian Year,1383] in 
Shams-Abad Industrial State, Tehran ,Iran .Since Beginning, Our Mission Has Been to
Produce The Most Atractive Decorative, Light-Weight, Weather Resistance, Recycable, 
Green, And Highly Durable Concrete Products in order to Save The Nature. 
Our Committed Management Team Was Able to Accomplish Its First Year production at 
an impressive 300,000 square-meter level. This accomplishment was a Result Of Highly 
Trained, Hard, Yet Diligent Team Work By Incorporatng Up – To – Date Technologies . 
Also ,we Have Been Able to be Active Participant in Numerous Trade Shows Such As:
MEDEX, HOFEX, ZEPS, Soleymaniye Expo, Arbil Expo, Yerevan Expo, and so many Int 
Expos and During These Trade Shows We Have Received Incredible Level of Feedback
And Recognitions From Public. As University Professors, Engineers and Architects and
Builders. We Must Mention That These Impressive and Successful Achievements Were
Not Limited to Iran, But Has already Crossed The Iran's Boarders to Gain Additional 
Recognitions and be Praised at the International Trade Shows all Around the World.






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