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Marcafè - Produzione e commercio caffè - Torrefazione Adriatica

In the constant balance between the respect for tradition and the desire to improve, the secrets of Marcafè's success are the selection of each coffee bean and the wisely art of mixing coffee.
The attention to detail and the thoroughness of the roasting process mean that Marcafè blends beaffable nose, tasty on the palate and not ever leave the taster disgruntled.


Marcafè is a company founded in 1942 in Abruzzo in the province of Teramo and still guided by the founding family in the person of Silvestro Marcozzi, attorney general and Emilio Marcozzi, Export & Brand Manager.
Respect for tradition and the desire to improve have always identified the company and have inspired to innovation and respect of history the entire team, focusing the mission on two cornerstones: passion and quality.
Marcafè coffee finds its expression in each of its products lines and it is the result of research, careful selection, emotions and experience that comes to light on each individual tasting.
In the beginning the distribution was defined into the coffee bars of the province, now the company has decided to change track also focusing on retailers and especially on the international market.
The internationalization process is the result of strategic choices intended to the growth and to the development of the brand. This is enforced through the participation to international trade fairs and promotional events that have made and continue to identify Marcafè as a brand known and appreciated in the local, national and international area.



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