Sustainability at Sadr Holding


Sustainability is one of the core component of Sadr Holding values. Sadr holding is making effort to make a positive long-term contribution to society and the environment. As we strive to provide clients with globally-focused marketing solutions, we are committed to managing the environmental footprint of our business operations. We advise clients on sustainability issues and we take action in our business to improve our performance in accordance with the needs and potentials of the region.

We focus on four priority sustainability themes that are important for Sadr Holding. These are:


  • Environment – cutting our environmental impact including reducing our carbon footprint by using energy more efficiently, instituting recycling programs, and managing travel efficiently. And employing green building practices in real estate holdings.
  • Our client work – providing sustainability services to clients and applying high ethical standards to the way we work.
  • Social investment – supporting charities, through donations and volunteering.
  • Governance and management – managing sustainability risks and opportunities in our businesses.
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