Metrics of Success


How has Sadr Holding been performing?

Sadr Holding is relatively unique as our policy and contract owners are members of the company and we are not driven by stock price when making decisions. Our structure allows us to develop innovative business that evolve with the needs of our valuable customers in Iran and the region. We select businesses and markets that we understand well, can excel in, and provide value to our customers.


How do you define success? At Sadr Holding, we believe it’s doing the right thing at the right time in a manner that can be measured and tracked with bilateral profitability. We’re never satisfied, and we continue to look for ways to improve the outcomes we provide for our clients and members. 





Quoted by some of our business partners.

“Sadr Holding is always very responsive to our concerns. They do welcome our ideas and they have always taken our issues seriously and treated them as a priority.”

“Sadr Holding provides everything needed to manage claims costs specially its oversight. Their management department is customized to meet the region’s needs versus the industry standards.”

“Sadr Holding is easy to work with, very responsive and communicative. Their turnaround time is excellent which makes us very satisfied to be Sadr Holding’s business partner.”

“We have a level of trust in their experience as a business partner in the region. Because of such high quality and professional staff. It is very helpful when responding back to our customers’ questions. Our companies are simply a good fit for one another.”

“We view Sadr Holding as an industry leader in the Middle East and values every opportunity to partner with them.”

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