Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Information

What is Sadr Holding mission?

Our mission is “to emerge as the premier investment holding company focusing on the region.” Our founders started our company to benefit a wide variety of founding executives, investors, customers, suppliers, and employees. We mean to maximize returns on investment and to develop and maintain them to stay among the leading investment companies internationally

When was Sadr Holding founded?

The very first business of Sadri family was launched and promoted more than five decades ago. After being developed to so many businesses, and the rise of the second generation of Sadri family it was decided to establish Sadr Holding Ltd in 2002.

Where is Sadr Holding headquartered?

The principal executive offices of our main operations are located in Shahrak-E-gharb, Iran, Tehran.

How many people are employed in Sadr Holding?

As of January 2016 we had a total number of 100 full-time employees.

What is Sadr Holding doing to help the community?

Sadr Holding aspires to be a company that creates value for society. We are highly involved in sustainable corporate responsibility projects in Iran and the region to boost our customers’ value.


Business Operations

What is Sadr Holding core business?

Sadr Holding, together with our related companies, paves the way for our business partners to leverage their power to establish and grow their business as well as to meet consumer demands efficiently.

Which companies is Sadr Holding willing to cooperate with?

Our preferred companies include every company which wishes to maximize its value in the potentially beneficial market of Iran and its neighboring countries via cooperating with Sadr Holding as an experienced business partner in the region.

How does Sadr Holding grow its business?

Our growth strategies are:
– Increase the number of active business partners in our marketplaces in Iran and the neighboring countries.

– Develop and promote additional product and service categories and offerings.
– Enhance the success of our investors and customers in our marketplaces.
– Develop commerce opportunities to meet our customers’ needs as much as possible.


Investor Information

What is the dividend policy of Sadr Holding?

We have no present plan to pay any dividends on our shares. We intend to retain most of our available funds and any future earnings to operate and expand our business in the region.

How can I receive updates on investor news concerning Sadr Holding?

Please subscribe to our Email Alerts to receive our latest investor news.


Financial Reporting

How can I get a copy of the annual report of Sadr Holding?

Our annual reports will be available on the News and Events page.

How do I know when Sadr Holding releases its next financial results?

You may visit the News and Events page to find out our upcoming results announcement date. Or you may subscribe to our Email Alerts to receive updates.

When is the fiscal year end of Sadr Holding?

Our fiscal year ends on March 20th.


Corporate Governance

Who sits on Sadr Holding’s board of directors?

Information on Sadr Holding’s board of directors can be found on the Shareholders page.

Who is in Sadr Holding’s management team?

Information on Sadr Holding’s management team can be found on the shareholders page.


Contact Information

Who can I contact about investor-related issues?

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for about Sadr Holding on this website, please contact us.

How do I contact your customer service team?

If you are not able to obtain the information needed on this website you can contact us for the key contact information of our major businesses and affiliated entities.

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