About Sadrholding


The very first business of Sadri family was launched and promoted more than 5decades ago. After being developed to so many businesses, and the rise of the second generation of Sadri family it was decided to establish Sadr Holding Ltd in 2002. The founders of Sadr Holding intended to keep their 10 companies under a united umbrella and to reduce risks for themselves and other investors and manage to gain ownership and control of a number of different other companies in the future as well.
Sadr Holding Ltd is a share-owned private sector company.

Mr. Yousof Sadri is the original founder of Sadr Holding he later on invited his son, Mr. Arash Sadri to join him to build the empire to come.


Headquarters of Sadr Holding Ltd is located in one of the best and most luxurious parts of Tehran in Iran.

Key People

The key people of Sadr Holding Ltd are as follow:
Yousof Sadri: the fore founder of Sadr Holding Ltd
Arash Sadri: the managing director (B.S. in civil engineering and interior designing and an M.A in management)
Omid Sadri: the commercial and marketing manager (B.S in industrial engineering)

Navid Sadri: vise president (MA. Executive management)

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