Environmental Commitment



As one of the most powerful and premier investment holding company focusing on the region, Sadr Holding is a company with a relatively low environmental impact.




Environmental management 

Sadr Holding has an established corporate environmental policy that obeys our commitment to behave properly and describes our environmental performance management. It also states that we are committed to compliance and performance in line with relevant environmental regulations throughout the entire lifecycle across all of our business activities.

Sadr Holding endeavors to continuously reduce its environmental impact by adopting all improvements that are technically and economically feasible, with a particular focus on reducing our group-wide carbon footprint. We insist on environmentally friendly business practices throughout our supply chain.


Environmental commitments 

Sadr Holding focuses on…


Reductions in its carbon footprint




Reductions in its waste





Improvements in green product





Reductions in water consumption






Sadr Holding plans strong efforts to further improve our environmental performance. We have updated our environmental program and complemented it with clearly defined targets to go as much ecofriendly as possible.


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