Vision statement

Designed for investment, engineered to last …

What we mean to gain is to invest and build great companies and, in this regard, benefit a wide variety of founding executives, investors, customers, suppliers, and employees.


Our vision

Sadr Holding will be considered as an innovative holding company both in the region and internationally. We will provide our portfolio companies with a level of assistance that surpasses their highest expectations. Our network of relationships and our ability to leverage those relationships will be noncompetitive. We mean to build market-leading businesses through our focused approach, and continuous enhancement of our shareholders' value.


Our values

Dedication and loyalty:  we dedicate ourselves to fulfilling all the ethical codes in business and investment to see the continuous pursuit of success.

Expertise: by bringing the highest level of expertise to our work we try to comprise recognized experts in various industries, technologies and functional areas.

Innovation and technology: We are committed to the idea that technology is the key to our fast-changing economic environment. The combination of technology and innovation works as a stimulation to go forward.

Opportunity: the ability to provide our companies with opportunity and help them seize it is central to our overall value proposition.

Integrity and trust: We insist on honesty as a criterion by which all of our actions will be measured. Professional integrity in all our financial and business matters enacts one of our core strengths.

Genuine Partnership: Our commitment to our partners is a core component of our success, and we continually focus on nurturing them with trust and disciplined business practices.

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