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Sadr Holding at first was established under a united umbrella in 2003 to organize Sadri family's different companies, but it was very soon converted to a large investment company. This holding, after investigating expertly and ensuring profitability and usefulness of the industry plans to invest. Today this holding is active in the following industries: Tourism (hotel, restaurant, and reception halls), oil and gas supplies, trading (importing and exporting), clothing, medical, aviation, insurance and constructional design and decoration. Sadr Holding is relatively unique as our policy and contract owners are members of the company and we are not driven by stock price when making decisions. Thanks to the great supply network of our holding, comprised of committed, energetic and skilled representatives, the extent of these activities has spread into the neighboring countries. Our effort in this holding is to innovate and supply high-quality products with competitive price and among reputed brands of the world. The professional experts in Sadr Holding can lead you to the safest and at the same time, the most profitable presence in Iran as a representative in the Middle East. What makes Sadr Holding among the most reputed holdings in the region, is its great experience and ability to identify the most proper opportunities in Iran and the neighboring countries; and pave the way for promoting the potentially proper products in the region. Identifying the efficient and more importantly the required productions in the region is the key to prospering business in Iran and its neighboring countries. Our valuable achievements during the last decade is a seal of approval to the capability of Sadr Holding in creating the opportunities of cooperating as a reliable business partner to launch a prospering business to promote your products in the region.

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